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Filmography: Here is the list of the Movies and TV shows that Allan has composed the music for, created a soundtrack, or written a song (or appeared in movie performing as self).:

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Composer for Movie Soundtrack / Feature Film ScoreComposer for Movie Soundtrack / Feature Film Score

>>  1979 'Olympic Fever' (Allan as himself) U.S.A.
>>  1981 'The Survivor' (synthesizer programmer) AUS.
>>  1985 'Does Humor Belong in Music?' (Allan as himself) [Video Documentary] U.S.A.
>>  1986 'Death of a soldier' (conductor/arranger) [starring James Coburn] AUS. Soundtrack Filmtrax U.K.
>>  1987 'The Marsupials: The Howling III' Bancannia U.S.A.
>>  1987 'The Right Hand Man' [starring Rupert Everett] U.S.A., AUS.
>>  1987 'The Time Guardian' (Music & Lyrics: 'This Time I Know') [starring Tom Burlinson] Hemdale AUS.
>>  1988 'The Big Hurt' Valhalla AUS.
>>  1988 'Sebastian and the Sparrow' [Dir. Scott Hicks 'Shine'] Kino AUS.
>>  1988 'A Taste of Money' (Music & Lyrics: 'A Taste of Money') U.S.A.
>>  1988 'Day of the Panther' (Music & Lyrics: 'Take Me Back') U.S.A.
>>  1989 'Martians Go Home' [starring Randy Quaid] Ed Pressman Film U.S.A.
>>  1989 'A Sting In The Tail' AUS.
>>  1989 'Communion' [Eric Clapton opening theme] U.S.A.
>>  1990 'Full Fathom Five' U.S.A.
>>  1990 'Fatal Sky' U.S.A., AUS
>>  1990 'Red Blooded American Girl' [starring Christopher Plumber] CAN.
>>  1992 'Garbo' AUS.
>>  1993 'Shotgun Wedding' AUS.
>>  1994 'Art Deco Detective' U.S.A.
>>  1997 'Back in Business' [starring 'The Boz': Brian Bosworth] Columbia Tristar Sony U.S.A.
>>  1997 'Snide and Prejudice' Sony U.S.A.
>>  1998 'Justice' AUS.
>>  1999 'Dead End' AUS.

Composer for TV Episodes / Mini-Series / DocumentariesComposer for TV Episodes / Mini-Series / Documentaries

>>  1980 T.V.I.D. [Arizona U.S.A.]
>>  1987 'The Homeless' [Documentary Open Channel] AUS.
>>  1987 'Made in Australia' [Documentary Media Cast] AUS.
>>  1987 'Asian Broadcasting Union' Pop song contest (Allan as himself) (Music & Lyrics: 'Time Can't Keep Us Apart' / Singer: Kate Ceberano) [ Special S.B.S.]
>>  1991 'Good Vibrations' mini-series [Seven network] AUS.
>>  1993-1994 Secrets [A.B.C.] (TV Series - 13 episodes) AUS.
>>  1994 'A Country Practice' [Ten network] AUS.
>>  1996 'Bush Patrol' [Seven network] (TV Series - 78 episodes) AUS.
>>  1997- 1998 'State Coroner' [Ten network] (TV Series - 2 episodes) AUS.
>>  1998 'Li'l Elvis' (Music & Lyrics) [Childrens Television Foundation] AUS.
>>  2001 'Child Star' Shirley Temple Story [TV Movie - Disney-Village Roadshow] U.S.A
>>  2009 'Carla Cametti PD ' (Allan as Musician) [TV Series - 1 episode] AUS.

Composer for Live TheatreComposer for Live Theatre

>>  2001 'The Hobbit' (Music & Lyrics: 'Your Heart Holds the Answer') [J.R.R. Tolkien] AUS.
>>  2001 'It's A Dads Thing' [Music and arrangements for theatre production of comedy] AUS.